Top 10 Tourist Attractions To Tick Off Your List In Kalgoorlie

Top 10 Tourist Attractions To Tick Off Your List In Kalgoorlie
March 6, 2016 dilate_hannans_044

#1 Hannans North Tourist Mine

If you’re visiting Western Australia, you can’t go past the Tourist Mine at Hannans North, where the Western Australian Gold Rush erupted from. Take a walk around the mines and historic mining buildings, and even pan for gold–your holiday might just pay for itself! Immerse yourself in the old mining campsites, then experience the contrast to mining in its modern form as you get up close and personal with giant 793C haul trucks and 994F loaders! The perfect experience to accompany number two on our list.


#2 The Super Pit

The word ‘super’ is not used lightly- this pit can be seen from space! At 3.7km by 1.5km, and roughly half a kilometre deep, this pit is the amalgamation of multiple mines which sprung up in the Gold Rush from 1893, after Paddy Hannan filed the first claim for gold. Catch it on the right day and you can witness the blasting take place, or just marvel the massive expanse in front of you, with monstrous trucks suddenly looking like ants scurrying around the nest.

#3 The Western Australian Museum

Here is Western Australia’s largest display of gold bars and nuggets, presented alongside interactive and engaging re-enactments and actual historic settings, so you can immerse yourself in the lifestyle that so many Western Australians endured, in the hopes of striking it big.

#4 Beaten Track Brewery

For a locally brewed beer and some genuine conversation, head over to Beaten Track Brewery. They have various beers available, and offer tasting sessions by reservation, served with beer-orientated food platters to larger groups. For their last feather in their cap, they brew a new ale seasonally, so you’re trying something unique and fresh!

#5 Hammond Park

For a peaceful oasis, Kalgoorlie’s best kept secret is Hammond Park. The lush greenery and ponds make this park a destination for people and animals alike, with the surrounding animal sanctuaries meaning you might spot a kangaroo, emu, or colourful birdlife over your coffee!

#6 Karlkurla Bushland Park

Tie up your laces, this 200 hectare bushland park is full of walking tracks to take you through a peaceful stroll of red dirt and Aussie bush, with information boards about the local flora and fauna. Pronounced ‘garl- gurl-a’, it is the Aboriginal name for the silky pear, one of the many varieties of Australian you will learn about along the 4km stretch of Aussie heartland.

#7 Kalgoorlie Boulder Audio Tour

Take the day to explore Kalgoorlie with a self-guided audio tour, which will take you through many of the towns attractions and historical talking points, while moving at your own pace. Engaging and informative, it’s a relaxing way to become acquainted with the town and get all the highlights in!

#8 Kalgoorlie Boulder Town Hall

Stop in and admire the internal architecture, lovingly preserved and enthusiastically explained to you by a knowledgeable guide. As an old gold mining town, the town hall is luxuriously fitted with red velvets and decorative balconies, and the old paintings and finishing touches make it an eerily regal experience.

#9 Broad Arrow Pub

Okay, you’re probably getting hungry by now, so make a trip to the Broad Arrow Pub.

Broad Arrow once boasted 15,000 residents, but is now referred to as a ‘ghost town’ after the gold dwindled, but the pub still stands and will prepare you a great pub lunch- you can even leave your mark and sign your name on the wall.

#10 Kalgoorlie Boulder Pure Gold Visitors Centre

If you’re in Kalgoorlie and need a nudge in the right direction, or a local opinion, go down and ask at the visitors centre for a hand. The staff are helpful and really love their town, and you can pick up some great souvenirs to take home too!