Six Things to Think About When Planning Your Corporate Event

Six Things to Think About When Planning Your Corporate Event
March 6, 2016 hannans

Sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in your day-to-day working lifestyle, that you lose sight of how remedial an enjoyable work function can be on productivity and morale among workmates. However, a corporate event can be tricky, and tensions can run high if you hit a bump and the function doesn’t go to plan! If you’re organising your upcoming work event, or thinking of suggesting one, take a moment to read through our tips on preparing for your next corporate event, so you can ensure all of your guests have a fantastic time, with a renewed enthusiasm and sense of team spirit.

1) Create a Budget
This point is the most obvious one to start from, and the most important as it will affect everything. From venue hire or activity, to catering and beverages, break down your budget to smaller categories and determine exactly how much you can spare on each. Even smaller items, like nametags, should be accounted for, and anyone who has organised a function knows the importance of a contingency line; your corporate event is likely to cost more than you predict, so a contingency line will ensure you don’t accidentally overspend

2) Know Your Team
Whether you’re holding a team building event, a workplace get-together, or a training seminar, think about what your guests are hoping to get out of it, and take steps to ensure this occurs. For example, if you are running a meet-and-greet networking function, set aside plenty of time for guests to interact. If you are hosting a smaller workplace event such as a lunch, check that there aren’t any dietary restrictions you may need to be aware of.

3) Secure your Suppliers
So you have the venue, and your guests turn up… Now what? If you haven’t appropriately organised caterers, audio and visual equipment, or any of the other suppliers you may need, then your event could be in dire straights. This could be from a coffee or glass of wine on entry, to a gift bag with complimentary pens and notepads. Some venues will offer package deals with caterers or suppliers, and some will operate alongside companies which restrict you from hiring other companies if you require use of that venue, so have a good idea of your venue and suppliers, and book simultaneously.

4) Choosing A Venue
Some workplaces may have a conference room or something similar to offer for workplace function use, but if you’re planning a larger event or a special function, you will need to look around for a venue to fit your taste and budget. Secure your corporate event venue as soon as possible, as many venues will be booked out months in advance, and consider factors such as location, amenities, parking, and any requirements your guests may have such as wheelchair access, before making a final call.

5) Make A Plan
When you have everything booked and ready to go, you need to get down to the details and think about your schedule. Starting with the overall arc of the day, draft out when to expect attendees, when to commence the session, when any breaks will occur or refreshments be served, and when the event will come to a close. Once you have this information, refine it further until you have a successful itinerary planned.

6) Confirm All The Fine Print
As the day gets closer, confirm and reconfirm details with venues, caterers, suppliers, and guests. Often smaller aspects get overlooked or presumed, and that is how they get missed. This can be confirming registration details, or ensuring there are non-alcoholic beverages available, or suitable amenities.

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