Looking At Venue Packages in Kalgoorlie? Hints To Make Your Corporate Event A Hit

Looking At Venue Packages in Kalgoorlie? Hints To Make Your Corporate Event A Hit
May 16, 2016 dilate_hannans_044

Was your last corporate event a flop? Hungry guests? Awkward conversation, and no activities? It can be tough, to find the right middle ground between business networking and friendly socialising, but if you can create the right atmosphere then your guests will react accordingly. If you’re thinking about planning your next corporate event in Kalgoorlie, then at least you can rest assured knowing that your venue is tasteful and welcoming, but there’s still a few methods you can use to make your corporate event appealing to your guests, and make sure they all walk away singing your praises.

Select Your Guests:

Sure, it sounds easy enough to gather everyone in your industry up and put them in a room, but actually this kind of social setting can be very daunting and is more likely to leave people staying in small circles of familiarity. With some forethought, you can create a guest list with just the right amount of people, who will enjoy and gain from meeting each other. Smaller, more intimate settings allow people to be more comfortable, and encourage interacting, and the connections they form are more meaningful.

Make Memories (And Memorabilia):

Be creative, and ensure your guests don’t leave with just their memories to tell them they had a good time. Something fun can be a photo booth, or a photographer. With some decorations and props, and some tasteful company logo’s, your attendees will be able to share their memories across their social networks, which is handy double for your company promotion. Gifts, such as fine-quality pens or coffee mugs, or something industry specific that you know they’ll appreciate, all help them to walk out the door happy.

Remain Calm:

Face it; not everything will be perfect. Any number of things can go wrong, and may very well do so. If it does go pear-shaped suddenly, remember that yours is definitely not the first to do so. Stay upbeat, but mentally prepare yourself to keep a sense of humour throughout any hiccups. You set the tone for your event, so if you’re pulling your hair out then your guests will probably feel more than a little uncomfortable.

The Right Venue:

The venue sets the mood for your guests, with every facet needing to be considered as it all is building towards the overall atmosphere. Be thoughtful about your guests, and pick a location which is unique, ambient, and well presented. The Hannan’s North venue is perfect for your corporate event; with the stunning backdrop of Australias Wild West reminiscent of the Gold Rush, to bring in the raw atmosphere of history and wealth. Our corporate event packages make Kalgoorlie the perfect location for any function, so get in touch with the team at Hannan’s North to finalise your next big event- Get in quick, so you don’t miss out on availability.